Customer Service

Edge PMC allocates each development to an experienced Property Manager

Our customised services for developments offer but are not limited to the following examples:

  • Inspection of the development by the Property Manager at least once a month to ensure all services are in good working order.
  • Recruit and manage contractors including the preparation of specification and checking method statements and insurance cover.
  • Deal with individual residents questions.
  • Manage insurance
  • Attend AGMs and Directors meetings
  • Plan for the cost of future repairs and maintenance
  • Advise on compliance with legislation
  • Collection of charges and arrears
  • Sinking fund provision where instructed

We aim to offer residents the level of service they expect in a friendly and professional manner which we deliver by implementing the following:

  • All customers will be treated with courtesy, professionalism and honesty
  • We will record all communications from our customers.
  • Phone calls will either be answered immediately by the relevant member of staff or returned as soon as possible but no later than the same time on the following working day.
  • Emergencies will be attended to immediately
  • All services will be delivered efficiently within the correct timeframe and to Industry codes of best practice.
  • Clients will have transparency of services and accounts for their developments.

Within our customer service we will offer:

1. To collect current service charge and  any arrears of rent, contingency and future expenditure fund contributions, and any other payments due from leaseholders/tenants of the property, and hold such sums in accordance with the RICS Members’ Accounts Regulations.

2. Inspect the common parts of the Property for the purpose of day to day management and adherence to the lease

3. Prepare and submit an annual estimate of future expenditure, administer service charge or contingency funds and prepare and distribute appropriate service charge accounts

4. To manage the affairs of the development and administer contracts

5. To arrange appropriate insurance for the property and Directors

6. Attend to routine enquiries.

7. Hold records and documents for the Company.

8. Advise on all statutory regulations.

9. Hold money in a designated bank account in Trust

10. Act as Company Secretary

11. Prepare Annual accounts

12.Attend the AGM and other management meetings



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